You’ve done your best your whole life to provide for yourself and your family. All your years of hard work have paid off; now you’re retired and looking forward to enjoying this time. You like being independent; free to make your own decisions. But have you considered what you will do should you need some extra cash? Having spare cash can help you remain in control of your affairs. Maybe you won’t want to dip into your savings if an unexpected expense crops up. That’s where a life settlement can really make a big difference.

What You Need to Know About Life Settlements

If you’ve never heard about life settlements, we’re glad you visited our website, because we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. The idea is to sell your life insurance policy for a one-time cash payment. Now, you may not have known that your life insurance is actually a liquid asset – you’re free to sell it, provided someone wishes to buy it. Sounds easy enough. The process can get a bit lengthy if you try to sell it yourself, or go through various brokers or agencies. It literally pays to work with an experienced insurance specialist, such as Harbor Life Settlements, because we have access to the market that wants to buy life insurance policies, and we can get you the best price for your policy quickly (in some cases in as little as 14 days).

Imagine how life-changing having as much as 70% of your policy’s death benefit, in cash, would be! Think of all the things you could do: the choice would be yours. You could put the money towards long term care costs, purchase a home in your favorite locale, travel the world, or anything else you want. It’s your choice.

How The Life Settlement Process Works

Getting started is easy. Call Harbor Life Settlements at 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for details. We’ll provide all the information you need and we’ll ask you a few questions to determine if you are eligible. Then, once your eligibility is established (in most cases you need to be aged 70 or older and your policy must be for at least $50,000), we’ll shop your policy to interested parties and get you the very best price. Then we’ll present the best price offer to you. All of this takes just a few weeks, vs. months using other methods. When it comes to decisions as important as this, we want you to have the value of your policy as soon as possible.

Free Service & There’s No Obligation to Sell

One of the best parts of our service is that you can have us complete the process and present you with your cash offer, and you can decide not to sell. Our goal is to have as many seniors as possible know the value of their life insurance policies. Maybe you don’t want or need to sell right now, but you’re curious about the policy’s value. Why not find out? As a good planner and provider, knowing this information may come in handy one day, should you need a lump sum of cash. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a valuable asset you can redeem for cash when, and if, you think the time is right.

More Options for an Independent Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want options in retirement? It’s great to be in control of those choices! With a life settlement from Harbor Life, you get more options, with a cash payment for your unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy. Here’s a fact that may surprise you: 85% of people let their life insurance policies lapse. That’s not hard to understand, since the premiums go way up as people age. Add that increased expense to increased healthcare costs, and the financial burden can become too great. A life settlement can ease that burden by providing cash you can use any way you want.

We hope you’ve learned a bit about life settlements and how they can be a valuable tool to give you peace of mind in retirement. Harbor Life Settlements can help with its fast, FREE, no obligation service.

Ready to see how much your life insurance policy is worth?  Call Harbor Life Settlements at 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for a free quote.