Maybe you’re new to life settlements or perhaps you’ve already done some research and know how you can get a lump sum of cash by selling your life insurance policy. Many companies who help you sell your policy will tell you that a good use of the sale proceeds would be for long term care expenses. That stands to reason, considering that they are a major concern for retired seniors. Not everyone needs long term care, and there are definitely competing desires and priorities that require funding. A life settlement is really great for those, too.

Earmark the Money for What Matters to You

Many people have a bucket list- a list of fun or challenging things they want to accomplish or check off. They want to say, yes, I did that! What about you? What’s on your list? When you’re retired, you have the time to pursue hobbies, travel, and participate in all kinds of activities. If you had additional funds, it’s likely you could enjoy lots more of your bucket list. That’s where we come in. Harbor Life Settlements can get you a cash offer for your life insurance policy in as little as 14 days. That’s great because you may have big plans that you want to put into motion now, and waiting just isn’t an option. We’ll get you the very best price for your life insurance policy by presenting it to those who wish to buy it. Then we’ll show you the best cash offer, and you can decide if it’s time to sell.

Selling Your  Life Insurance Policy is a Double Win for You

If you decide to sell your life insurance policy, you’ll get a lump sum cash payment after the sale. You’ll also free yourself from making monthly insurance premium payments. As the years have gone by, you likely have worried about the rising premium costs; they only get higher as you age. By selling your policy that worry will be gone, allowing you to get on with enjoying your retirement.

And If You Want to Wait to Sell, There’s No Obligation

Working with Harbor Life Settlements to determine the value of your life insurance policy doesn’t obligate you to sell. Here’s how it works: We’ll ask a few questions regarding your age and health status, and what type of policy you own. (Often people at least 70 years old with policies of at least $50,000 can qualify.) We’ll shop your policy to various parties who wish to buy. Then we’ll present you with the best cash offer – much faster than other brokers or companies who can often take months to complete the process. Even if you don’t sell, you’ll know what you’re policy is worth, with our free service. Then, should you decide to sell later, you’ll have an idea about how your life insurance policy can provide for you, just like any other asset you own.

Let’s Talk More About Long Term Care

The US average, per month, for long term care in a semi-private room in a nursing home, is nearly $7,000. That’s just the average. In many places it costs more than that. That is $80-$100,000 or more, per year, for long term care. This care may be needed for years. So even if you or your spouse don’t need long term care now, this is an expense that could be looming in the future. Knowing how much cash you could get from your life insurance policy, should you sell it, can bring peace of mind now, and for the future.

Let Harbor Life Help You Discover the Value of Your Life Insurance

Retirement should be a time to reward yourself for a lifetime of hard work: fun activities, spending time with family and friends, and doing the things that make you happy. If you could use some additional funds to make all of these things happen, call Harbor Life Settlements today at 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for a free quote. With our over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, we know how to get you the very best price for your life insurance policy (often up to 40% of the death benefit, in cash).

Stay in control of your life with a life settlement! Harbor Life can help.