You might be surprised to discover that your life insurance policy is the key to a better retirement.

You’ve always been the type that plans ahead. Your careful planning got you to where you are today. Retirement has been an enjoyable adventure and you thought all your hard work put you in a position to enjoy some time for yourself. Then the unexpected occurred: your spouse got sick and needed specialized care. At first, things didn’t seem too bad; you were able to manage the expense due to your retirement savings. Soon the costs escalated, and now you are wondering how you can continue to pay for long term care. It’s a situation many seniors are facing today. But when your savings dwindle, what are your options to continue to pay for the care you or your loved one needs?

Your Life Insurance Policy: The Liquid Asset

You’ve gone over the numbers so many times – the cost of long term care just is more than you can afford. Going through your assets, you’ve thought of a few scenarios: your home is paid off; perhaps you could sell it. But it’s your home, and you love living there, with all of the great memories. If only there was some other way to sell an asset that could then pay the long term care bills. There is an asset that you may own that could very well provide the answer you’re looking for: your life insurance policy.

Get Cash for Your Life Insurance Policy

Harbor Life would like to talk to you about an asset you have, that you probably didn’t even know could probably change your life. It’s your life insurance policy. We can provide a free, no obligation valuation of your policy so you can see if it would be in your interest to sell it for cash. Our customers have received up to 70% of the face value of their policies, depending on a few eligibility factors (you need to be at least 70 years old; your policy needs to be one of several types, such as Universal or convertible term life insurance – other policies may qualify, too; your policy needs to be for at least $50,000).  Harbor Life does all the legwork for you, so you can put in your request for a policy valuation, and have us present your policy to multiple potential buyers to get you the best price. We do this for free and it only takes a few weeks to complete the entire process, versus months with other services, or if you had to do it yourself.

What would you do with a lump sum of cash, such as $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more? You could gain the freedom you need from mounting bills for long term care and other obligations. Or you could take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted; the money would be yours to do with as you wish. That’s a great feeling.

Why not contact Harbor Life Settlements today and get that valuation on your life insurance policy? We can tell you if you’re eligible for a life settlement; that’s what the sale of your policy is called. You can have us go through the entire research process and give you the value of your policy and not go through with the sale. Ours is a free, no obligation service.

Want to know more? We encourage you to call Harbor Life Settlements at 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for details.

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