You cringe when you see that monthly life insurance premium bill. It really has gone up recently. As you age, the insurance companies escalate the premiums to the point where they can be hard to afford. You may have heard of life settlements, where you can sell your life insurance policy and get out from under all those monthly premiums. But perhaps you’ve hesitated checking into life settlements and what they’re about because you were afraid you’d be required to sell. Harbor Life Settlements has good news for you! We can guide you through the policy valuation process so you can learn what your policy is worth in cash. This information can help you make important decisions, such as how you might fund long term care and other costly expenditures. Even if you don’t want to sell now, you’ll have the cash price for your policy, and that’s very useful information, as your policy is an asset; your property to keep or sell for cash.

How a Life Settlement Works

With our free, no risk, no obligation life settlement service, there is no requirement to sell your life insurance policy. What we do is find you the very best price for your policy, from dozens of providers. In a matter of just a few weeks we’ll bring you the best cash offer for your policy. Should you choose to sell, you’ll  receive a one-time cash payment as the sale proceeds for selling your policy. Here’s an example:

John is 72 years old and in generally good health. He owns a life insurance policy worth $1 million dollars. Harbor Life Settlements will first establish John’s eligibility for a life settlement. Most often, a person needs to be at least 70 years old and own a life insurance policy worth at least $50,000. We’ll ask a few more questions then determine his eligibility. For the sake of this example, we’ll say John is eligible. Then we’ll shop for cash offers for his policy and present the best one to him; likely in about two weeks. These services are totally free – John doesn’t have to pay us anything. We provide him with a cash offer of $250,000. He is very happy to accept the offer, as he was wondering how he would pay for his wife’s long term care, with a big insurance premium bill coming due again that very week.

Problem solved! John sold his life insurance policy with help from Harbor Life, and now he can provide for his wife’s long term care, and he saves money every month, since he doesn’t pay life insurance premiums anymore.

Maybe you would like to learn more about life settlements, and take advantage of Harbor Life’s no obligation services. They’re free; you won’t pay anything to find out how much your life insurance policy is worth in cash, should you sell it. And when we say no obligation, we mean it. You can discover the value of your policy without selling it. This is good information to know, should you ever need to sell your policy in the future.

A Life Settlement Could Make All the Difference for You

A life settlement could make all the difference – a lump sum of cash could help you do so many things you’ve dreamed about. You could spend more time enjoying hobbies and the company of friends and family, if money worries ceased. Plus, you could help fund long term care for yourself or a loved one. You can use the proceeds from selling your life insurance policy for any reason. That’s a great feeling!

Call Harbor Life Settlements today at 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for a free quote. Since there’s no obligation, you can find out what you could get for your policy, and then decide later if you want to sell, or not. It’s great to have this potential option at hand, should you ever need some extra cash. Call Harbor Life today and let’s see if you’re eligible for a life settlement. It could be a real game changer for you!

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