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U.S. Life Settlement Index: The Best and Worst States for Life Settlements

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, a life settlement can reshape your finances in short order. Unfortunately, not all investors and policyholders have access to the same level of life settlement opportunity. That’s because the secondary markets for life insurance vary in size and activity level from state to state. In our latest study, the Harbor Life Settlements U.S. Life Settlement Index, we set out to quantify those differences and identify the states that are most and least accommodating to high-value life settlements. 

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How to Get the Most Returns from ILITs with Life Settlements

An irrevocable life trust or ILIT is an entity created to hold a life insurance policy. Its primary purpose is to minimize estate taxes by transferring ownership of the life insurance policy away from the insured. Putting the policy in an irrevocable trust generally precludes the value of the death benefit from being added to the taxable estate.

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What is Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance?

The cash surrender value of your life insurance policy is the amount of cash you may withdraw if you surrender your policy to the insurance company. By doing this, you forfeit the right to the death benefit and will no longer have to pay your premiums. This is an alternative to borrowing against your policy, which would keep it in effect and require you to still pay premiums and pay interest on what you borrowed.

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5 Life Settlement Myths From Your Broker Dealer

If you are a senior who’s interested in liquidating your life insurance, you should know the real truth about life settlements. That’s the only way you can make an informed decision on whether a life settlement is right for you. A good first step is to review our breakdown of the five most common life settlement myths below. If you’ve ever discussed life settlements with a broker-dealer, you’ve may have heard one of two already.

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How Does Fiduciary Duty Apply in Life Settlements?

Whether you’re a policyholder, an agent, or an advisor, it’s important to understand the concept of fiduciary duty and how it applies to life settlements. We’ve developed this in-depth guide to help. Read on to learn about fiduciary standards, what constitutes a breach of fiduciary duty, and the complexities of fiduciary duty as they relate to life settlements.

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Life Settlement Regulations by State

If you’re interested in selling your life insurance, it’s important to understand the nuances of the laws and regulations in your state. Some states regulate only viatical settlements, for example, while other states govern both life and viatical settlements. What follows is an overview of life settlement laws and regulations by state, including key regulatory concepts such as mandatory disclosure and waiting periods. 

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