October 7, 2020

Financial Help for Seniors in Debt ,

Debt is one of those problems that gets worse when you ignore it. Commit now to the first step of creating a budget -- it's easy and free. Then, let the numbers guide you to your next move. Your options include aggressive monthly payments, consolidation to lower-rate debt, full payoff via a life set...
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September 28, 2020

How much does cancer treatment cost? ,

Assuming you have no health insurance, you could easily spend six figures chemotherapy, surgical procedures, prescription medications, and doctors visits. Some sources estimate a cancer treatment plan involving chemotherapy can range from $100,000 to $300,000. Specific to breast cancer, a mastectomy...
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September 3, 2020

What is Considered Income for VA Benefits?

Understanding your eligibility for VA medical benefits can be challenging. To start, there's a complex qualification system that considers service-related factors as well as your income. And, not all eligible veterans receive the same set of benefits. Your benefits package, for example, may range fr...
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August 28, 2020

How to Care for a Chronically Ill Family Member

The news that a spouse, parent, sibling, or child has been diagnosed with chronic illness stirs up a range of feelings, from guilt to grief. And then, before you've processed those feelings, you have to start addressing the practicalities of the situation. Who's going to care for your chronically il...
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July 24, 2020

How to Find the Perfect Caregiver

Whether you need full-time care, part-time care, or occasional respite care, choosing someone to look after your elderly loved one is a stressful process. You're looking for a senior caregiver who can manage the details of the job -- like cooking, cleaning, keeping medications organized. But caregiv...
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July 16, 2020

Planning for the Costs of Senior Care

One of the great unknowns for today's senior is the cost of healthcare. Fidelity estimates that a recently retired senior couple will spend nearly $300,000 on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses -- not including the costs of long-term care. That's an alarming exclusion, given that long-term care is am...
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July 15, 2020

End-of-Life Planning: 2020 Checklist ,

The end-of-life plan is your time to establish your legacy and shoulder the burden of difficult decisions -- so your loved ones won't have to. Those decisions involve your health care, your financial assets and liabilities, your funeral arrangements, and, the culmination of these, your overall estat...
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July 3, 2020

What is the Cost of Adult Day Care?

You want the best care possible for your elderly parent, but you don't have the bandwidth to provide it around the clock. You're not alone. Hundreds of thousands of families around the U.S. need some form of supplementary care to help with elderly relatives who have physical or cognitive impairments...
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