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Senior at an assisted living facility

Does Medicaid Pay For Assisted Living?

Even with adequate retirement savings, individuals may find it difficult to pay for assisted living costs and seek solutions from the government. To help you understand your options, we’ll explain the role of medicaid and medicare when paying for assisted living. Plus, get other helpful information on covering these costs.

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financial advisor

What is Best Execution and Why Is It Important?

If you trade securities in the stock market, the best execution rule from FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) impacts you. Or, more accurately stated, the best execution rule protects you and your clients from conflicts of interest that can arise from the trade execution process.

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grandparent helping grandchild study

7 Ways Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren Pay for College

Whether your grandkids are learning to walk or struggling through high school chemistry, now is the time to think about starting a college fund. U.S. News & World Report concludes that the cost of college is a major financial challenge for many households. That means your grandkids will probably need your help.

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Casket and flowers

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Funeral planning is no one’s favorite job. It’s an already unpleasant situation that’s made worse by a confusing list of fees and requirements. As well, some funeral homes add to that confusion by withholding information or pushing you into goods and services you don’t really need. 

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Money growing from investment

Why Advisors Shouldn’t Neglect Life Insurance as an Asset Class

As a financial advisor, you tackle the full range of financial situations. You might have one client who’s working to make up for a late start on retirement savings and another who’s tapped out allowed annual 401(k) contributions and needs another tax-deferred account for long-term savings. Both of those clients might rely heavily on traditional assets — equities and fixed income — as the building blocks of their wealth plan. But could the strategic use of life insurance alongside those stocks and bonds enable them to realize their goals faster or with more certainty?

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Investment charts and graphs

7 Alternative Investments Financial Advisors Should Discuss With Clients

Financial advisors are as diverse in their investment styles as mutual funds. Funds can range from conservative fixed income portfolios that protect capital to leveraged ETFs that amplify the ups and downs of broad market indexes. Likewise, advisors can keep their recommendations limited to varying allocations of the traditional asset classes  such as stocks, bonds, and cash — or they can employ more complex portfolio strategies involving alternative assets.

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Investment graph

Complete Guide to Viatical Settlement Investments

Read on for a deeper explanation of viatical settlements, what types of policies qualify, how viatical settlements differ from life settlements, how to invest in a viatical settlement, and the pros and cons of viatical settlements as investments.

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Stock market prices

Life Settlement Investment Guide

Read on for an overview of how life settlements work as investments, who invests in them, the pros and cons of investing in life settlements, the types of life settlement investments, and how to get started as a life settlement investor.

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