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7 Alternative Investments Financial Advisors Should Discuss With Clients

Financial advisors are as diverse in their investment styles as mutual funds. Funds can range from conservative fixed income portfolios that protect capital to leveraged ETFs that amplify the ups and downs of broad market indexes. Likewise, advisors can keep their recommendations limited to varying allocations of the traditional asset classes  such as stocks, bonds, and cash — or they can employ more complex portfolio strategies involving alternative assets.

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Complete Guide to Viatical Settlement Investments

Read on for a deeper explanation of viatical settlements, what types of policies qualify, how viatical settlements differ from life settlements, how to invest in a viatical settlement, and the pros and cons of viatical settlements as investments.

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Stock market prices

Life Settlement Investment Guide

Read on for an overview of how life settlements work as investments, who invests in them, the pros and cons of investing in life settlements, the types of life settlement investments, and how to get started as a life settlement investor.

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Doctor with crossed arms

How to Care for a Terminally Ill Family Member

If someone you love has just received a terminal diagnosis, you are likely in shock and not sure what to do next. One productive place to focus your energy is on learning more about the diagnosis, to prepare for protecting your loved one’s quality of life and ensuring his or her final wishes are honored. 

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Calculating bill payments

What happens if you don’t pay medical bills?

In 2019, a research study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine concluded that 137.1 million Americans had experienced a “medical financial hardship” in the previous year. That’s a jaw-dropping number, and one to remember if you’re currently struggling to manage unpaid medical bills — this is not a challenge you face alone. Many others have or are experiencing the stress of high hospital debt, as well as the consequences of not dealing with that debt. 

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How to Find Out If I Am Owed Money: 29 Places to Find Missing Money

Most of us don’t have long-lost relatives destined to leave us fortunes. But a surprising number of people do have unclaimed money they don’t know about. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), one in 10 Americans have unclaimed property, and states return more than $3 billion dollars annually to rightful owners.

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