As you’ve gone through life, you’ve taken care to put a little money away for a rainy day. Maybe you set it aside in a bank via a savings account, CDs, or a money market account. You may have put some money into investments in stocks and mutual funds, or tangible assets. What matters is that you took steps to help ensure that there’d be something in the kitty when you needed it.

Fast forward to today: In this era of super escalating healthcare costs, plus the general high cost of living, you might soon begin to run out of options for making ends meet. That money that you set aside certainly helps, but as the bills keep piling up, you realize that what you owe and what you have on hand just doesn’t match up.

Are You Facing Rising Expenses?

This is where many seniors find themselves as they age: they begin to run out of ways to pay for the high costs of care, not to mention their day-to-day living expenses. Perhaps you have experienced this, and are looking for a way to de-stress your life. The natural response would be to cut costs. For seniors who own life insurance policies, this is the time that these policies are often allowed to lapse. If you are in this situation, it’s easy to understand why – the premiums skyrocket as you get older, and soon the cost to maintain the policy becomes unsustainable. Now what?

How to Benefit from Life Insurance, Your Hidden Asset

If you are facing this problem, and need fast cash, call Harbor Life Settlements (1-800-694-0006). We would love to talk with you about a hidden asset that’s yours to sell – your life insurance!

Think about it – if you sold your life insurance, you could use it for current expenses! You can receive up to 70% of the policy’s face value! Harbor Life provides a free, no obligation service that shops your life insurance policy for you, so you don’t have to; we handle all the legwork involved in selling your policy, which allows you to receive your lump sum payment much faster than if you tried to sell your policy yourself.

How Much Cash Can You Get for Your Life Insurance Policy?

A helpful benefit you’ll receive from Harbor Life is discovering how much your policy is worth. You can have us go through the entire life settlement process, and you can still say at the end, “I don’t wish to sell.” There is no obligation. Getting the value of your policy is a smart decision as you may wish to tap into your policy’s value at a later date. Or you may just be curious. Getting your policy’s value is a responsible thing to do, much like the planning and saving you did over the years. Once you have Harbor Life discover your policy’s value, you can use that information to get fast cash, should you choose.

Unlock Your Hidden Asset

Let’s look at how a life settlement works. Harbor Life offers its free policy evaluation process, which uses various criteria to establish your eligibility. You must be at least 70 years old and have a life insurance policy (most any policy except whole life  insurance) worth at least $50,000. If we determine that you are eligible, then we’ll move ahead, at your request, with the valuation process. Our goal is to shop your policy to as many providers as possible. When we get an offer that you approve of, we will help you sell your policy. This benefits you in two ways: 1) You will stop paying high monthly life insurance premiums on that policy; and 2) You will receive the agreed upon lump sum cash payment for the sale of the policy.

Get to a Better Place Financially with a Life Settlement

So there you have it: Just a short time ago you may have been considering letting your life insurance lapse because the premiums had gotten too high. Now you know you can use your life insurance to help fund important expenditures today, instead of upon your death. And if you choose to sell your policy, you’ll review your financial situation with a smile on your face, instead of a frown, because you unlocked your hidden asset.

Contact Harbor Life Settlements today to find out what your policy is worth – there’s no obligation, and Harbor Life’s services are free. Call now for a FREE consultation: 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for details.