With the skyrocketing costs of nursing home and in-home care, you’ll need to have more assets in hand to cover these expenses. Depending on what facility a person lives in, it can cost close to $100,000 a year (or more) for long term care. Since that care often needs to be provided for at least 4 years, it stands to reason that a person would likely need at least $500,000 set aside, just to cover costs at the current rate, and to allow for inflation. That’s a sizeable amount of cash. It can be a daunting number that causes worry for those who cannot, even with long term care insurance, ensure they have enough money to cover these expenses.

An Asset to Help You Afford Long Term Care

If you’re wondering how you (and perhaps your spouse) will be able to afford long term care, you’re not alone. Harbor Life Settlements would like to help ease your worry with FREE information about a hidden asset you may own!

We’d like to introduce you to an option you may be able to access for cash; it’s called a life settlement. This means that you could sell your life insurance policy. Often, you can receive up to 70% of your policy’s death benefit. There are a few eligibility requirements: you must be at least 70 years old, and your policy must be worth at least $50,000. Harbor Life will determine your eligibility, then shop your policy to interested parties who may wish to buy it. Within a few weeks we will present the best cash offer to you. If you choose to sell, you’ll receive a one-time, lump sum cash payment. You’ll also be free of monthly life insurance premiums. Selling your life insurance policy can definitely be a win-win for you!

Free Services & No Obligation to Sell

The best part about working with Harbor Life is that our services are FREE. You can find out how much your policy is worth in cash, with no obligation. So go ahead, ask us what your life insurance policy is worth, and we’ll find out for you. Even if you don’t sell now, it’s a good idea to see what your policy is worth in cash, should you ever wish to sell in the future.

The most important aspect of a life settlement is showing people that their life insurance is an asset that they can sell. What we’d hate to see is you in a dilemma where you might be faced with letting your policy lapse. 85% of life insurance policies are allowed to lapse, because as a person ages, the premiums go up, escalating at a greater rate as one enters the golden years. Thus, you may at some point be faced with a hard decision: keep paying the premiums or let the policy go. Harbor Life encourages you to call us instead, at 1-800-694-0006, or visit our website for a free quote. Don’t let your policy lapse! If that happens, you won’t get anything for all the years you paid in.

Meet Current Funding Needs or Plan Ahead

So if you’re currently facing a big long term care bill, or want to plan ahead to meet these expenses, consider a life settlement with Harbor Life. Our services are FREE, and there’s no risk or obligation to sell. Our goal is to have every senior find out what their life insurance policy is worth in cash. Don’t wait. Knowing how much your policy is worth can give you peace of mind, should you ever need the money. Call Harbor Life Settlements today (1-800-694-0006); we look forward to serving you!