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6 Things Life Insurance Agents Should Discuss During Renewal

You can step into that advisory role with a structured and proactive conversation with your clients when they are renewing their life insurance policy. Here are six questions to ask during life insurance renewal to move your clients into the type and level of life insurance that will help them reach their financial goals.

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What to Do Before and After a Lapsation in Life Insurance

This guide to life insurance lapsations covers what you need to know about grace periods, reinstatement options, and how to maximize your policy’s value even as you’re facing lapsation. Read on to learn what steps you can take to protect your life insurance investment, before and after a policy lapse.

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How to Get the Most Returns from ILITs with Life Settlements

An irrevocable life trust or ILIT is an entity created to hold a life insurance policy. Its primary purpose is to minimize estate taxes by transferring ownership of the life insurance policy away from the insured. Putting the policy in an irrevocable trust generally precludes the value of the death benefit from being added to the taxable estate.

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What is Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance?

The cash surrender value of your life insurance policy is the amount of cash you may withdraw if you surrender your policy to the insurance company. By doing this, you forfeit the right to the death benefit and will no longer have to pay your premiums. This is an alternative to borrowing against your policy, which would keep it in effect and require you to still pay premiums and pay interest on what you borrowed.

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Life Insurance and Life Settlement Statistics for 2021

Read on for the most important life settlement and life insurance facts and statistics for 2021 — including how many people have life insurance, the average face value of life insurance policies, how life settlement proceeds compare to cash surrender values, and how quickly the life settlement industry is growing. 

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6 Life Insurance Settlement Options You Should Know

Life insurance settlement options are notoriously confusing, particularly when you try to compare them. Evaluating a lump-sum payment relative to an annuity, for example, can feel like an “apples-to-oranges” comparison unless you are a trained statistician. Thankfully, you don’t need a knack for number-crunching to identify which settlement option best suits your situation. All you have to do is review this in-depth guide we created to help folks like you make an informed choice about life insurance settlement. 

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Why Advisors Shouldn’t Neglect Life Insurance as an Asset Class

As a financial advisor, you tackle the full range of financial situations. You might have one client who’s working to make up for a late start on retirement savings and another who’s tapped out allowed annual 401(k) contributions and needs another tax-deferred account for long-term savings. Both of those clients might rely heavily on traditional assets — equities and fixed income — as the building blocks of their wealth plan. But could the strategic use of life insurance alongside those stocks and bonds enable them to realize their goals faster or with more certainty?

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Can Life Insurance Agents Perform Life Settlements?

If you are a life insurance agent, you’re likely to be an early point of contact for the senior who’s considering letting go of his or her life insurance policy. The logical questions you might receive are, “What are my options?” and “How much can I get if I surrender this coverage?” Those questions give you the opportunity to show that policyholder how to unlock a large sum of cash through a life settlement. 

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