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Senior at an assisted living facility

Does Medicaid Pay For Assisted Living?

Even with adequate retirement savings, individuals may find it difficult to pay for assisted living costs and seek solutions from the government. To help you understand your options, we’ll explain the role of medicaid and medicare when paying for assisted living. Plus, get other helpful information on covering these costs.

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Senior man reviewing finances

How to Use Life Insurance in Your Retirement Planning

While most people associate life insurance with the death benefit used to provide a financial safety net for loved ones, many policies also offer financial benefits that can be used for retirement planning. To help you get the most value out of your policy, we’ll discuss how you can use life insurance in your retirement planning.

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Financial advisor using a laptop

Financial Advisors: How to Talk to Clients About a Life Settlement Option

When your client faces an income shortfall just months or years away from reaching his or her retirement goals, what are the best options to course-correct? Downsizing is one, but it’s probably not the prospective retiree’s first choice. Another strategy is to get creative about liquidating non-investment assets to raise cash and shore up the savings balance. That’s where a life settlement can help.

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Coin stack and clock

New Survey Finds COVID-19 Confuses an Already Uncertain Retirement Outlook for Americans

To gauge how Americans are feeling about retirement, generally and in light of COVID-19, and to assess knowledge about life insurance and life settlements, Harbor Life Settlements conducted a nationwide survey of 1,700 U.S. adults across four generations. The data revealed a mix of attitudes, ranging from retirement confidence among certain groups to high levels of concern about the long-term financial impacts of COVID-19. There are also generational differences in how individuals plan to fund their retirement and in the retirement expenses savers are most worried about.

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