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    medicaid spend down
    Senior Care
    Catherine Brock

    What is Medicaid Spend Down and How Does it Work?

    Medicaid spend down is a financial strategy used to qualify for Medicaid nursing home coverage. In short, “spending down” involves reducing one’s income or assets to the point of eligibility. Medicaid law allows you to do so under some complex guidelines. You would typically pursue a spend down on behalf of a family member who needs pricey, long-term care.

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    cash value life insurance
    Life Insurance
    Catherine Brock

    Cash Value Life Insurance: Part Insurance, Part Investment

    Try calling up your auto insurance provider and asking for a loan. You’ll likely get a big chuckle in response. That’s because your car — and home and health — insurers are only in the business of paying on claims. Cash value life insurance, on the other hand, allows you as policyholder to benefit from your premium payments even without an insurance claim.

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    difference between viatical and life settlement
    Viatical Settlements
    Harbor Life Settlements

    Viatical Settlements vs Life Settlements: Definitions and Differences

    Are you considering selling your life insurance policy, but not quite sure how a viatical settlement differs from a life settlement? The two are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but there are several key differences you should be aware of when trying to determine your eligibility, and what option is best suited for your unique needs.

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    living benefits life insurance
    Life Insurance
    Avery Logan

    What are the Living Benefits of Life Insurance?

    Most people think the benefits of life insurance only occur after someone passes away, but many policies also carry benefits that can be utilized throughout the policyholder’s life. In fact, your policy may include cash options you aren’t aware of that can provide financial assistance or relief.

    In this in-depth overview, we’ll help you understand what the living benefits of life insurance are so you can take advantage of the financial options available to you or your loved ones.

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